BMPs and Their Maintenance – What? Why? How?

There are a wide variety of BMPs, differing in size, complexity, purpose, effectiveness, cost, and more. All BMPs require maintenance to continue to fulfill their original purposes. Some may need renovations to accommodate changes in the landscape they serve.

Some people may not be aware that the subdivision in which they live may have a BMP that must be maintained. It is important that all residents of subdivisions (and individual homeowners outside of subdivisions) take some time to understand the type(s) of BMPs they and/or their communities have, how the BMPs work, and the maintenance needs of each BMP. It is much more cost-effective to conduct periodic maintenance on BMPs than to repair a failed BMP!

For general guidance on BMP maintenance, click here for tips from the Northern Virginia Planning District Commission.

For details of common BMPs and some specific maintenance recommendations, click on the following links: