RSEP Stormwater PSA
A 30-second PSA briefly bringing the viewer’s attention to the fact that stormwater runoff carries pollution down storm drains and damages streams. The video addresses steps citizens can take to prevent pollution due to pet waste and over-fertilization of lawns, as well as how the installation of rain barrels or rain gardens can reduce runoff.



After the Storm, Part I
Part 1 of 3. “After the Storm” is a 3-part EPA educational video that informs the viewer of the problems being caused by storm water runoff. Whether it’s from fertilizers, flood, pollution, littering, etc. the problems lead to ocean wildlife dying off, and our own water supply being compromised by pollution.




After the Storm, Part II
Part 2 of 3.



After the Storm, Part III
Part 3 of 3.



Prevent Storm Drain Pollution
A 60-second video with the message “Only Rain Down the Storm Drain.” Produced by the City of Charlottesville, the film illustrates the fact that stormwater runoff on pavement and other impervious surfaces goes down storm drains and directly into local streams without being treated. With a soft touch the video reminds the viewer that pollution entering storm drains threatens the aquatic life and recreational uses of the Rivanna River.



Stormwater Retrofitting
A 5-minute video by the Center for Watershed Protection. Charlottesville’s Dan Frisbee explains how a biofilter, and a rooftop rain water harvesting system used to irrigate a school’s athletic field, reduce water pollution and stream damage while conserving drinking water.



“Dog Doogity” Dog Poop PSA
Martin Luther raps about preserving the beauty of Puget sound by picking up pet waste. Informative and fun.



Construction Debris Down the Storm Drain
City of Flagstaff video on construction site runoff.