Rain Garden Workshop

On Saturday March 24th the RRSEP held a workshop on small-scale rain gardens for the home owner. Twenty-five Master Gardeners, garden club members, and others with interest in gardens, landscaping and conservation attended. The morning session consisted of presentations on the purpose of raingardens, how a rain garden functions, how to build a rain garden, native plants that are suitable for use in raingardens, and calculating the drainage area and size of a rain garden. After lunch the participants went outside and completed a raingarden on the County Office Building property.

The raingarden was dug and filled with biofilter soil beforehand. Kristel Riddervold spoke about the Greenleaf Park rain garden.
Rain garden plants anxiously await their fate. Greg Harper gives a pep talk before the work begins.
Repp Glaettli (center) directed the planting. Cooperative Extension's Peter Warren plants the first shrub.
An elbow in the downspout sends roof runoff into the garden. Cobbles line a channel carrying runoff into the garden.

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