Overall Pond Maintenance

An often overlooked aspect of maintenance, especially for wet ponds, is the need to ensure a healthy aquatic ecosystem. A healthy ecosystem should require little maintenance. An indicator of an unhealthy system is excessive algae growth or the proliferation of a single species of plant in the permanent pool of a wet pond. This may be caused by excess nutrients from fertilization practices (of a landscape company or surrounding neighbors) or by excess sediment. Steps should be taken to reduce the nutrients at their source and to encourage the growth of more desirable aquatic and semi-aquatic vegetation in and around the permanent pool. The Department of Game and Inland Fisheries can provide additional information on overall pond maintenance practices. The non-routine maintenance needs of a SMF, while infrequent, can be major undertakings and should always be performed by a professional. While tasks will vary by facility, they typically include sediment/pollutant removal and replacement of SMF components.

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