Learn about how to report storm drain dumping and water pollution. 
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Public Education and Outreach Plan

5-Year MS-4 Education & Outreach Plan A draft five-year education and outreach plan developed by the RSEP to meet MS-4 permit requirements. The plan will be open to public comment during the month of May, 2014.

Maintenance of Privately-Owned Stormwater Management Facilities

A maintenance guide for owners of Stormwater Management Facilities. The guide provides information about what SMFs are, how they function, and the most common types of maintenance they require.

Watershed Education Lesson Plans

A collection of 38 lesson plans designed to provide local middle school teachers with interesting and practical SOL-based hands-on science activities. The activities were also chosen for their suitability for use in preparation for and reinforcement of meaningful watershed educational experiences (MWEE).