Rockfish River Watershed

     The Rockfish River Watershed is largely in Nelson County, but a large part of the headwaters (44 square miles) lies within Albemarle County. The Rockfish River itself forms the county boundary between Nelson and Albemarle for some distance upstream from Howardsville (where the Rockfish flows into the mighty James). Tributaries of the Rockfish that lie partially within Albemarle include Taylor Creek, Cove Creek, Green Creek, and Hog Creek. The small community of Heards and parts of Covesville (south and west of the Boaz Mountains and Fan Mountains) are in the Rockfish Watershed. Route 29 South passes into the Rockfish Watershed at Covesville between Routes 633 and 699.
     The Rockfish River and its watershed was the subject of the Rockfish River Watershed Community Forum, held in February 2001. Since that time, local groups in concert with the Institute for Environmental Negotiation at UVA, have drafted a watershed action plan. For more information, contact the Institute.