Rivanna River Watershed (main stem)
(including Schenks Branch)

     The main stem of the Rivanna River begins at the confluence of the North Fork Rivanna and South Fork Rivanna near Woodbrook and Dunlora. From there, the River winds south along Pen Park and Darden Towe Park, with the City's Greenbelt Trail and Riverview Park, Rivanna Trails Foundation trail systems, and County Greenway paths along both banks. After crossing under Free Bridge (Route 250 East) and tumbling over the dam at Woolen Mills, the river continues in a southeastern direction on an historic course towards the Fluvanna County line. This section of the Rivanna features remnants of old locks and mills, reminders of a time when the Rivanna served as a major transportation and commerce corridor for Albemarle County and Charlottesville.
     The main stem Rivanna River watershed includes 44 square miles of Albemarle County (with many more square miles in Fluvanna County). Communities in this watershed include a small part of Charlottesville (roughly east of Locust Avenue and north of the railroad tracks), Key West, Pantops Mountain, Glenmore, Shadwell, Milton, and parts of Simeon, Keswick and Boyd Tavern. Significant tributaries are Redbud Creek, Meadow Creek , Moores Creek , and Carroll Creek. The section of the Rivanna from the Woolen Mills dam on down is designated a State Scenic River, and is popular for canoeing and fishing. You can check real-time flows on the Rivanna at Palmyra by viewing online Rivanna River gage data.
     The Rivanna River is one of the unique features connecting Charlottesville, Albemarle County, the University of Virginia, and the many residents of these localities. The Rivanna and its tributaries provide our water supply and wastewater treatment, as well as the setting for many parks and trails, recreation, and scenic beauty.