South Fork Rivanna Watershed
(above reservoir)

     The total land area in Albemarle County that drains to the South Fork Rivanna Reservoir is 260 square miles. This is a very large drainage area, with many farms, homes, businesses, roads, and yards -- that contribute runoff to the region's primary water supply reservoir. The reservoir is the largest source of drinking water for the City of Charlottesville and areas of Albemarle County served by the Albemarle County Service Authority. This watershed has been studied for many years, due to its importance to the area's water supply. The most recent report, South Fork Rivanna Reservoir and Watershed: Reflecting on 36 Years, Anticipating 50 Years, provides a summary of data and findings about the watershed as well as management recommendations for the future.
     The South Fork Rivanna Watershed above the reservoir includes the following tributary watersheds: Mechums River, Moormans River, Buck Mountain Creek, and Ivy Creek. The area that drains directly into the South Fork Rivanna River or South Fork Rivanna Reservoir is 16 square miles, and includes parts of Earlysville (north of Route 676, west of the airport and Route 743 and south of Route 663). Tributary streams include: Naked Creek and Fishing Creek, among other smaller feeder streams. Many subdivisions and farms dot this watershed.