Mechunk Creek Watershed

     The Mechunk Creek Watershed is 62 square miles, 35 of which are in Albemarle County (the remainder being in Fluvanna County). The Albemarle section of the watershed is characterized by many tributaries that drain the eastern slope of the Southwest Mountains, including Turkeysag Creek, Daniel's Branch, Jack's Branch, and others. The main stem of Mechunk Creek runs close to the County's eastern border, and runs parallel to railroad tracks for much of its length. The watershed is largely rural and agricultural, with the western edge being the ridge of the Southwest Mountains. Parts of Keswick (generally north of Route 616) drain to Mechunk Creek.
     Based on monitoring conducted by the Rivanna River Basin Project, Mechunk Creek has lower than average amounts of sediment and nutrients, and is biologically healthy compared to many other streams in the Rivanna Basin.